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Top Mountain Trail Destinations For High-Elevation Off-Roading

With taller peaks and extreme rides, you might be wondering why we’re highlighting high-elevation trails instead of some of the other wonderful off-roading trails that exist across this great nation. To put it simply, the higher the trail, the better the views. With that in mind, ATV Trader has compiled some of the top mountain trail destinations for high-elevation off-roading on both sides of the country that are breathtaking, exciting, and fun. 

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What Is High Elevation ATV Riding?

To start, let’s explore what high elevation means for riding. For example, the 11,000-foot views you can get from several Rocky Mountain trails are nearly twice as high as the tallest point in New England, which happens to be Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at 6,684 feet. And while there aren’t designated off-roading opportunities on Mount Washington, there are some rides that will take you up high in the East, and even more opportunities in the West. Here are some of our favorites.

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