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Germany Private Sales August 2023: Dacia #3, VW T-Roc and Mini on top, Tesla Model Y #1 YTD

Today we have a rare update for you: brands and models rankings of German Private Sales (as opposed to Fleet Rental and Company sales) for August and year-to-date. This way we have a more precise picture of what the Germans really feel like buying. There were 83,939 private sales in Germany in August vs. 273,417 overall, that’s a private sales ratio (PS ratio) of just 30.7%. This is down from 37.1% in August 2022 when 73,897 units were sold to private buyers (+13.6% year-on-year in a general market up 37.3%). Year-to-date, PS edge up 2.6% to 608,513 or 31.8% of the total market vs. 36.1% over the first 8 months of 2023. That’s compared to a general market up 16.5% YTD.

Volkswagen tops the brands ranking despite a weak 25.9% PS ratio, it distances Mercedes at 29%. So far, no change compared to the general ranking. The upheaval starts at #3 where we have Dacia vs. #13 in the general ranking. BMW and Audi follow with poor 22.9% and 20.9% PS ratio, with Skoda in tow, also below the market at 27.1% PS ratio. Ford (32.5% PS ratio) remains in 7th place above Fiat (38.8%) up two spots on its general market ranking to #8, Seat also up two spots to #9 and Hyundai down two to #10. Tesla is up to #11 and #8 year-to-date. Mazda (57.4%), Mitsubishi (63.6%), Honda (47.8%) and Ineos (48.1%) also impress.

The models ranking is completely reshuffled as expected. The VW T-Roc comfortably takes the lead with a 44.8% PS ratio, followed by the Mini at 46.5% and the Tesla Model Y at 41.2%. An astounding fact: the Model Y is currently #1 year-to-date with private buyers with a PS ratio of 54.7%! The Fiat 500 lineup follows at #4 and 29.3% ration while the general market leader, the VW Golf (26.6% PS ratio) is down to #5. Note the Golf has a poor 18.2% PS ratio year-to-date. The Ford Puma (54.6% PS ratio) is up 22 spots on its general ranking to #7 and the Fiat Ducato (83.3% PS) is up 52 to #8. Three Dacias follow: the Sandero (85.2% PS) at #9 vs. #63 in the general market, the Duster (82.6% PS ) at #10 vs. #62 and the Spring (41.8% PS) at #11 vs. #20. Other great performers with private buyers include the Dacia Jogger (81.5%) at #18 vs. #76, the MG 4 (49.8%) at #19 vs. #53, the VW Taigo (55.2%) at #25 vs. #64 and the Mitsubishi Space Star (68.9%) at #29 vs. #79.

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