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140~160 Hp Wheeled Tractor

  • This model is equipped with a famous brand engine: Shangchai turbocharged intercooled engine.
  • 240 liters of large fuel tank, long working hours;
  • 13-inch double clutch is adopted, with strong transmission capacity, reliable effect and more comfortable operation.
  • The forced lifter is adopted, which is reliable in use and convenient in maintenance.

Introducing the Advanced 4WD Tractor with Enhanced Chassis and 16F+8R Shuttle Shift Gearbox

Our latest 4WD tractor model combines cutting-edge features for unparalleled performance in the field. Boasting an enhanced chassis and a sophisticated 16F+8R shuttle shift gearbox, this powerhouse is designed to meet the demand for more rational speeds in agricultural operations.

Equipped with a robust pressure device lifter, this tractor ensures optimal rotary tillage and plowing effects, enhancing efficiency in your farming tasks. Choose from force control, position control, or floating control options to adapt to diverse conditions, providing flexibility and precision in your agricultural endeavors.

Maintaining international standards, our tractor incorporates a category II type three-point hitch, elevating its compatibility with various implements. The enhanced lifting arms and quick-change connectors not only improve overall strength but also ensure seamless matching with a diverse range of implements, enhancing the tractor’s versatility.

Tailor your tractor’s performance to your specific needs with our optional tire selections. Choose from Herringbone tires, radial tires, or other specialized types to optimize traction and maneuverability based on your working conditions. This customization ensures that your tractor is equipped to handle a variety of terrains with ease.

Embrace the future of agricultural machinery with our advanced 4WD tractor, where enhanced features and customization options come together to redefine efficiency and productivity in the field.


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