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120~140 Hp Wheeled Tractor

  • Equipped with famous 6 cylinder engine: YTO
  • Bigger chassis, more reliable performance.
  • Larger fuel tank, excellent traction and lift.
  • Italian closed front axle, fully sealed cab, all luxury options are available.

Introducing the Upgraded Model with Reinforced Chassis and Advanced Transmission

Experience the epitome of agricultural efficiency with our enhanced model featuring a robust chassis and a state-of-the-art 16F+8R shuttle shift gearbox. The optional creeper-type gear shift ensures adaptability to various working speeds, catering to the demand for more rational operations.

Achieve optimal rotary tillage and plowing results with the inclusion of a powerful pressure device lifter. Choose from force control, position control, or floating control options to suit different working conditions, providing versatility and precision in your agricultural tasks.

Our commitment to international standards is exemplified by the utilization of a category II type three-point hitch. The lifting arms, fortified for enhanced strength, coupled with quick-change connectors, facilitate seamless compatibility with a wide array of implements, ensuring versatility in your operations.

Customize your experience further with optional tire selections, including Herringbone tires, radial tires, or other specialized types tailored to your specific working conditions. This adaptability ensures that your equipment is optimized for efficiency and productivity.

In the realm of farm tools, our machinery stands out as a reliable and indispensable companion in agricultural production. Whether engaged in rotary tillage, plowing, or other non-mechanized tasks, our enhanced model promises durability, precision, and efficiency. Elevate your agricultural endeavors with cutting-edge technology designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Additional Information
Length,Width,Height 4950*2200*3000
Wheelbase 2600
Engine Power 105
Drive Type Four-wheel Drive
Front Wheel Track 1600、1760、1810、1960(Level Adjustable)
Rear Wheel Track 1660-2020(Stepless Adjustable)
Gear 16+8
Main Traction Force 36100
Minimum Use Quality 4920
PTO Shaft Speed 760/850


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