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2019 Toyota Hiace 2.8L Diesel Turbo

Engine: 2800cc, Diesel
Body: Van
Odometer: 76,856km
Ext Color: White
Transmission: Automatic

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-2800cc Diesel Turbo -5 Doors -Chain Driven -Driver airbag -Power windows -Central looking -ABS brakes -Air conditioning -Power steering -AA Certified odometer

Most obviously, the HiAce moves away from its former ‘forward control’ layout, which put occupants ahead of the engine and front subframe, to a more typical bonneted design that pushes the engine forward and adds more crash space for occupants.

It’s a design change that mirrors the well-worn paths of rival vans. It’s also one that means the new model has grown in length compared to the old model to maintain cargo capacity.

Unlike most Euro vans, the HiAce also sticks with a rear-wheel-drive layout instead of adopting what is often considered a more space-efficient front-wheel -drive platform. A variety of shared HiLux componentry is part of the reason why.

Under the bonnet resides the same 2.8-litre turbo diesel four-cylinder engine as the HiLux, too, along with a six-speed manual transmission. Outputs are rated at 130kW/430Nm or opt for the optional six-speed auto and torque bumps to 450Nm.

Toyota offers the HiAce in two sizes: a short wheelbase with a low roof (confusingly called a long wheelbase) or a long wheelbase with a high roof (dubbed the super-long wheelbase).

The newer-generation engine and the sound-deadening around it make for a more peaceful office on the go. Yes, it’s still got a signature diesel soundtrack, but it’s far more hushed than the generation before it.

You’ll still encounter some vibrations from the engine, too, and Euro vans tend to have a slight edge on overall refinement, but the HiAce is nonetheless competitive.

Since we’re discussing engines, the HiAce ports the 1GD-FTV engine over from vehicles including the HiLux, Prado and Fortuner, which have become known for their DPF issues. There is a manual DPF burn button for operators who don’t trigger an automatic burn cycle, but the likelihood of ongoing issues remains an unknown for now, given the newness of the HiAce.

To help drivers with a near telepathic connection to their old HiAces adapt to the new, longer version, front-corner park sensors serve as a helpful reminder that the nose of the HiAce is no longer in line with your toes.

At 5265mm long, the new model is a substantial 570mm longer than before. The wheelbase, at 3210mm, is also longer to the tune of 640mm. Despite the growth, its turning circle is a sharp 11.0m, making tight laneway access a cinch.

When travelling unladen, there’s not much in the way of sound deadening in the floor, but an upholstered roof liner (which is a little odd given its likelihood for damage) does absorb some of the noise generated in the interior and prevents too much boom or echo. Add in shelving, racks, side paneling or cargo and – depending on what you have onboard – things will either get better or worse. Up to you, really.

Even in base trim, the HiAce includes dual side sliding doors; however, at the rear there’s no option to swap out the lift-up tailgate for a set of barn doors.


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