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2019 Lexus Ux 250h 2.0

Mileage 22,747 miles
Year 2019
Fuel Petrol/Hybrid Electric
Gears Automatic
Engine 1987 cc
MPG (combined) 68.9*
CO2 emissions 94 g/km*
Doors 5
Body type Hatchback
Color Black
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Built on the same Toyota TNGA-based GA-C platform as the Toyota CH-R, the Lexus UX is the latest rendition to use Lexus’s current design language.

The large weaved black front grill is a now familiar trait, and angular curves and sharp lights surrounding it. There are prominent black wheel arches which give off a rugged and strong appeal.

At the rear, the small SUV looks more like a hatch as the boot lid slopes down more gradually than an SUV, in almost coupe-like form.

The LED taillights protrude out of the body like fins and join together in the middle to light up the entire width of the car. Whether you love it like us, or hate it, Lexus designs have proven to withstand premature ageing better than rivals. And we suspect the UX will look modern for quite some time.

On the inside, the interior adopts a fresh Lexus design and high-quality feel. All materials feel premium, and the layout is very extravagant yet practical. The centre console area rises up high around you so you don’t have to reach far for any button or control. But, it can make you feel hemmed in and confined.

One of those easy to reach controls is a trackpad that you use to point your way through the infotainment screen. We have said it before, and we’re still not fans of this system. It can cause you to take your eyes off the road for too long while following the cursor. The 10.3-inch screen is beautifully crisp though, and the standard eight-speaker sound system sounds great, or you can opt for a 13-speaker unit for a more exquisite experience.

Lexus is introducing a new media control module for the first time with the UX, providing simpler reach of the main controls such as volume and skip track. This module pokes out as a tab just in front of the centre arm rest. We think it’s an ideal solution to some of the issues presented with the trackpad.

Lexus knows how to do comfort. The front sports seats exclusive to the F Sport with their many adjustments are a dream to sit in; and the materials used are as premium as they come. Even though the UX is a small SUV, rear passengers are still thought of as they have their own air conditioning vents and power sockets.

Being the smallest SUV in the Lexus range, the (U)rban Crossover(X) provides a fair amount of space in the front but does become tighter for rear passengers. There could be a few more empty spaces and holes to dump your belongings, too. However, the UX is a perfect size to zip around the city, without that excessive bulky feel.


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